The ESA electrostatic assist systems are a standard for the rotary presses used in the printing of periodicals and magazines.

There are several ESA products and systems offered by various manufacturers, but some of them have not only the ability to improve print quality, but have revealed obvious technical disadvantages and operational problems.

True Innovation in ESA Systems


news-esa24-1No emotions – only the figures count
+80% ACE ESA Electrostatic Print Assistance systems sold in the first month.
Immediately after the release on the market of the ESA24V the interest from OEMs and End Users has been confirmed by the orders made in India; Europe; CIS and Mexico






100% Safety
• No high voltage cables
• 24V no risk of ignition
• Monitoring system for sleeve
• Wrong sleeve detection system wear and tear




news-esa24-320% Increase in Performance
• Pre-selection of works
• Adjustments of the system always perfect
• 100% ink transfer on each substrate





news-esa24-430% Costs reduction
• 30% Reduction of time for installation
• 90% Solving problems remotely
• Reduction of ink volume/costs thanks to the high performance




ESA spento ACE ESA 24V in funzione

ESA off                                      ACE ESA 24V in function