A major prestigious new breakthrough was accomplished by ACE with regard to its Web Cleaner systems.

The research centre of our company, in collaboration with our technical department, have in fact developed a system (because of size and specifications can only be so defined) for cleaning special plastic films intended to be converted into bags for patients in the medical field.

The main peculiarity of this “non-contact” cleaning facility, is to prevent the slightest impurity from remaining deposited, thus going to contaminate the film before its transformation into bags and consequently the foods in which it will then be introduced.

Maximum attention to every detail has been paid to the current project.

From the mechanical point of view new cleaning heads have been designed (all made of stainless steel, including the fastening elements), featuring a special and innovative aerodynamic profile and multiple air blades.

The heads will be installed within the cleanroom where the main transformation process of the product occurs.

The filter unit provided with an independent air blow and suction system, involves the use of different series and models of filters according to the degree of efficiency and flow rate, and in consideration of the point they will be installed inside the air filtration system.

The filter unit is installed inside a special soundproof booth, built in such a way as to make easy any adjustment operations, control and maintenance that may become necessary.

AK1000-MP filter unit system

The AK1000-MP system in question is a totally innovative system for the medical sector, and also this time ACE has shown its ability to satisfy in every detail the specific requirements of the customer, although starting from the certain and defined standard principles of functionality of their equipment