Great spread of the latest contact cleaner for rotary narrow band for labels, ACE AR700 in fact proved to be the preferred choice of many printing press manufacturers, worldwide based, for printing labels.

As many are the end users who have recognized the technology of this model, easily installed in retrofit to replace less efficient systems.

The main characteristics that determine the reliability and efficiency of the AR700 in versions with one side and two sides are:

  • Advanced ergonomics to enhance safety and facilitate the use by operators
  • Robust and stable monolithic chassis
  • Pneumatic lifting system of rollers to allow easy passage of paper (web-in) during starting
  • Two antistatic ACE Iondual 24V bars, each high-performance acts to 100% on both sides of the reel
  • Interchangeable adhesive rollers with fast insertion/extraction system
  • Group door roller independent and removable adhesive to allow the elimination of the adhesive layer used in a convenient and safe location
  • Operation Commands on-board of the unit, in case of OEM installed machine the commands can be remoted and the unit operates automatically controlled by the rotary press

One of the most important technical options for manufacturers of rotary presses is also the installation possibilities in the band guide, which allows a substantial reduction of machine spaces dedicated to the installation of accessory units.