The problems of contamination of the finished product are now evident in various processes as well as in productive sectors.

No exception among these is the sector of corrugated cardboard, where in conjunction with the growing demand for higher quality prints, dust and contaminant particles assume a relevance until today most often neglected.

One of the drawbacks most frequently encountered in this sense is the continuous deposition of dirt on the photopolymer plates applied to the cliché holder cylinders of each individual flexo element; the consequences of such a process on the final print quality, as well as in terms of cleaning intervals required, can be easily guessed.

Once again, ACE has taken charge of the needs expressed by the operator of the industry, being pleased to provide an effective solution to such problems. And so the new air cleaning system, (turbulent and ionized) without contact, ACE AK3000 has been designed and marketed. Thanks to the specially designed aerodynamic profiles, and an unprecedented blow/suction flow rate, it is able to remove even smaller contaminating particles.

Positioned between the introducer of the sheets feeder and the first printing element, the cleaning head of the system is constructed in two different models, depending on whether the printing (and subsequent cleaning of the cardboard) occurs in the lower or upper side.

Installing the ACE AK3000 system also allows you to achieve the following important advantages:

  • Drastic reduction of the time required to proceed with the cleaning of clichés.
  • Ink saving
  • Drastic reduction of finished product non-compliant rejects.