Specially designed for the removal of particles, fibres and dust from sheets of paper and cardboard, plastic and other materials found in sheet or foil. The cleaning heads of the AK series operate on only one side of the substrate to be treated and in combination with the correct model of SBP filtering unit guarantee a 100% cleaning action.
The work principle of the system is based on the removal of the static charge from the substrate prior to entering the cleaning head, to allow release of dust and particles from this bond. A flow of blown and sucked air, generate a turbulence that makes it possible to remove all the particles present on the surface of the substrate.
In some versions for special applications on materials that create a lot of dust, it is also provided the use of a brush, which, placed within the system, guarantees the removal of scraps or other large contaminants. The airflows are generated inside the filtering units, equipped in the models high automatic filter cleaning capacity.


Removal of dust and large particles

Antistatic bar with 24V technology

Internal brush for removing fibres and scraps

Available in widths from 600mm up to 4,000mm

High performance at any production speed


1. Removal of static charges thanks to the use of IONDUAL 24V antistatic bar
2. Dust lifting up by means of air blades
3. Contaminant particles vacuum away
4. Fixed or rotating brushes