One of the cornerstones in ACE, featuring the most advanced3D design systems, is the place where requests to manufacturers and end users merge, here they are analysed and from there new products or ACE systems customizations come to be integrated into existing or new machines.

It is also the centre where requests from the direct sales staff and agents, and then collected from the market, are processed. Often from here, and consequently from the market itself, come the ideas for new products.

In the internal processes the ACE R&D after realizing the design, for the phase of testing the prototypes or changes made on request, uses the DemoLine line installed in the teat area of the production department, which allows ultimately to make a product ready and effective.

All ACE design is performed within the Technical Offices, this ensures a continuous exchange of information with the R&D and other internal departments to finalize the projects. This is a clear choice that the top management of ACE has taken to ensure the protection of design and sensitive data.