The advice to find the best technical solution also includes the assessment of complex needs and the identification of specific solutions that go beyond the proposal of a Product in its own right. We offer the largest availability of our technical department to study the ideal layout for our Customer together with our specialists, ready to consider Your requests.


ACE manufactures and markets its own technologies, but not only, it provides the customer its expertise to design and implement solutions on specific request. This is a very interesting feature for machine manufacturers using OEM Products, and therefore can count on the availability of our design department for “shaping” our Products according to the installation needs on their machines.

It is also interesting for the end user, who enters the ACE technology as a retrofit and for that often needs to adapt the installation depending on special spaces and provisions. ACE supports these needs by giving value to the specificity of each Customer.


Also as part of ad hoc design, the experience that ACE can show in drawing the layout of piping for contact less cleaners plays a great opportunity for the ACE Customer.

In fact, especially in the case of multiple installations, and then more cleaning heads on the same line, or optimization of installations with modular filtration systems for large users, ACE provides the supply of design and layout of the connecting pipes, which are designed by engineers skilled in the management of fluids such as air. This activity, in addition to ensuring that the system provided always reaches maximum performance, allows the Customer who prefer to locally buy the piping for the plant, to do so based on professionally designed templates provided.

A great idea to facilitate the organization of installations of ACE dedusting systems!


The safe and effective method to neutralize electrostatic charges on a non-conductive material consists in the ionization of the surrounding air, i.e. the air atoms decompose into free electrons (negative ions) and positive free nucleus (positive ions). Since opposite charges attract, the positively charged material, passing through ionized air will attract negative free ions until it become neutral. The negatively charged material will attract positive free ions and will give back to the same excess of its electrons also becoming neutral