The processes that relate to these applications are essentially of two types, the construction area of the corrugated cardboard and the flexographic printing of corrugated cardboard packaging.

In the first process occur large releases of dust generated by both the unwinding of the reels of the cartons that will become the upper surface, the lower one and the wave of the semi-finished product. Especially from the cuts, first longitudinal for the creation of two reels from the parent reel, then the cross cut, which reduces the secondary reels into sheets. Here the dust collectors by ACE become essential.

During the printing process, there is the problem of washing very large sheets that are glued together with the clichés. This operation, if performed in manual mode is complicated, long so expensive, but the worst is that during this operation often the clichés suffer damage, with the risk of having to change an entire plate! It is here that the cliché cleaning machine by ACE becomes the ultimate solution for reducing both costs and risks.