Specifically designed for Cutting-Creasing units of corrugating lines, the ACE DM6000 system is a dust collector that operates on both sides of the sliding material.

In these production lines the dust generated by the longitudinal cut is added to the paper dust that the reel itself creates in the unwinding phase, and the elimination of these particles requires a powerful intervention that is guaranteed by the ACE DM6000 dedusting system. An antistatic londual BB bar at low voltage and high efficiency at the input of the unit frees the particles to be removed. Immediately after, within the HC24 cleaning head, powerful combined flows of air blown (with air knives) and sucked successfully remove the totality of the free dust.

The SPB91-A2 filtering unit which generates the air blown and sucked flows, it is also equipped with a series of self-cleaning filters through which the dusts are captured
and subsequently deposited into a collection tray.


Cleaning head with anti lock system

Combination of blown and sucked air at high efficiency

Fine dust removal

Internal brush for removing fibres and scraps

Antistatic bar with 24V technology

High performance at any production speed

HC24 cleaning head and SPB91A2 filtering unit to remove any trace of dust on Cutting-Creasing lines

1. LONDUAL 24V stop static charges at the input

2. Combination of blown and sucked air at high efficiency

3. Fine dust removal

4. LONDUAL 24V stop static charges at the output