At the output of the stackers placed in the finishing lines of the rotators, the product packs are often unstable. Not only they tend to break down if not to collapse, but when they enter the strapping machine, the pressing element and/or the pressure of the strap takes apart the pack when turning to be strapped.

This creates a further problem also to the palletizer which instead must receive packs properly stacked and stable not to risk to become engulfed.

The ACE Pile Charging system perfectly solves the problem of the instability of the packs; in fact, three bars of electrostatic charge, two at the sides and one on top of the clamping unit, transfer a powerful and homogeneous static charge which penetrates the pack locking it statically.

This avoids that the package can break down or fall during its travel on the conveyor belts up to the palletizer.

Through the use of the Pile Charging system, packs not tied but electrostatically charged, can be automatically palletized by palletizing robots.