All static removal devices of a line linked to a single monitoring system. Each antistatic bar equipped with sensor to detect the quantity of static charge on the running substrate and to set the power of the ionization accordingly with the values detected on the substrate. Thus providing a completely neutral substrate for smoother processing.


System components

Working Principle

BB Iondual is a bipolar static removal device, fed 24V having the capacity to ionize the substrate from up to 500mm. Each bar is equipped with a sensor, detecting the quantity of static charge present of the substrate, and also its quality, which means whether the charge is more positive or more negative. ACE BB Iondual is then automatically set in order to automatically increase the positive ionizing power, or the negative ionizing power so to 100% hinder the charge on the substrate, thus making it neutral.
System is configured to gather more antistatic bars DC under a single Inline-Stat Monitoring piloting controller, which can be positioned on the line’s desk control. Inline-Stat Monitoring warn the operator about each BB Iondual 24V working parameter, allowing online resetting. This device can be connected to Internet, allowing the remote control of each system installed in the company.