ACE has successfully developed a series of cleaning systems, implementing the highest technology, for the medical sector. Thanks to them, in fact, it is possible to ensure that the substrates such as plastic and Tyvek used to form medical pouches, are absolutely pristine, free from dust and particles present in the air.

Extensive experience in the treatment of the smallest contaminants, combined with the use of special materials and galvanic treatments for manufacturing the cleaning heads, ensure that the instrument itself is suitable for installation in environments with very high degree of cleanliness and cleanrooms. The filtering units are also equipped with filters specially designed for this type of applications.

As standard equipment is the bar of electrostatic discharge with new 24V technology, which positioned at the input of material in the unit allows the total elimination of electrostatic charges on materials that retain even the smallest contaminant particles, thus facilitating the removal with ACE Web Cleaner systems, both with and without contact.

The constructional components and the operating technology of this special antistatic bar, guarantee its very high deionizing efficiency. It can be installed at any point of the production line for pouches.
It also used to ensure that the blister packs that will contain tablets are statically neutral, and then the tablets freely rest on the bottom of each provided seat. The metal film for the sealing of the packages will then be applied without any problems or production stoppages.
24Volts power supply, double ionized tips to ensure high efficiency and working distance up to 500mm from the substrate make this antistatic bar the state of the art in medical applications