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ACE Electrostatic – Experience, Professionalism, Research

Fourty years of experience in electrostatic systems and over ten years in development of systems for the elimination of dust and contaminants from virtually any type of substrate, make ACE a real technological point of reference.
The largest specialized product portfolio on the market today, allows the Customers of ACE finding the appropriate response to their needs though a sole supplier who has gained direct experience in many market fields: packaging, labels, converting, non woven fabric, cardboard, tissue, medical, just to name a few. Many manufacturers of production machines have chosen the OEM ACE solutions for the specialization acquired through the work of years in these areas, along with the ability to develop new ideas and concepts, following and responding to the specific needs of those who produce high-tech machines. These distinctive elements also represent the best guarantee for the end user requiring professional solutions to be installed on their new or existing machines
Sistemi e Dispositivi Elettrostatici
Sistemi e Dispositivi Elettrostatici


International company, now point of reference for the manufacturers of process machines both with regard to electrostatic systems and more and more for dedusting systems now the benchmark for express performance and safety.

The second generation stably leads the company. It was able to transform ACE in a reference point for OEMs in the graphics industry and not only, in fact, the range of ACE products also covers various sectors, such as the closest Tissue and non-woven fabric ones and the more distant such as the medical.


products in 16 fields of application in the range of ACE proposals




In recent years, ACE has pursued the consolidation of the relationship with the manufacturers of production machines in the various fields, with the aim of increasing the OEMs applications. The certificate of trust that these Companies have placed in ACE is of great value because it comes from the maximum willingness to interpret the needs shown by machines manufacturers and turn them into new products and technologies, which in one way or another come up to the final user. ACE is aware that to achieve the highest degree of reliability and performance is not only aimed at the realized product, but also at improving the approval of its technologies by their users, this is for us an inestimable responsibility.

If you are a manufacturer of machines turn to ACE, adopt high-tech accessories specifically designed to meet the needs of Your Customers.
Enhance Your supply with devices by ACE.


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    ESA 24V

    Innovation in the pure state, here is how you can describe the new electrostatic system for rotogravure printing. When it comes to the problem of “missing points” because the ink can not completely exit the cells. Full response for the new low voltage ESA technology patented by ACE.

    Iondual and Iondual Plus: 24V antistatic

    The BB Series bars have two fundamental characteristics that make them unique in their kind: the 24V power supply, which means the total elimination of the power supplies and the output of only a power cord from the bar that must be connected to a 24V source…

    Non tessuto
    Non-woven fabric – The complete solution by ACE

    The characteristics of this special material require ad hoc equipment, since the non-woven fabric consists of non-ordered fibres of plastic materials very sensitive to the electrostatic charge that is used during the machining process ……