A special model of ESA system is dedicated to rotogravure printing proofing presses.

More and more those companies printing rotogravure feel the need to use devices to determine the degree of standardization of their printing production, or for the production of repeatable quality tests, regardless of the machine operator’s ability or of the adjustments made to each individual machine. To ensure this, they use printing proofing machines, complete with the necessary automation to meet the needs expressed.

The ESA ACE specific devices for these proofing presses stand out for the quality and the safety they offer, making the printing proofing presses free from the problem of “missing dots” and therefore, capable of reproducing a print quality of outstanding level. The rotogravure printing proofing press, in comparison with the actual production machine, should always be equipped with ESA system, precisely because it must reproduce high quality samples of the finished product. ACE has therefore studied and designed a dedicated ESA systems for rotogravure printing proofing presses, both new and existing.

The ESA system for ACE rotogravure proofing presses is compact, energy-efficient, fast and easy to use; it requires no special maintenance.

Color proofing using ACE ESA System

Color proofing with no ACE ESA System working