In the factory in Legnano was recently installed a line to replicate the production process made available to ACE Customers so that they can test the effectiveness of the Solutions proposed by the company in a state that is as close as possible to the real production conditions.

To do that ACE has invested in a reel to reel machine, with speeds up to 250m/min and 500mm web width, called DemoLine.

On DemoLine are housed antistatic BB 24V Iondual bars, the brand new and patented 24V ESA system on rotogravure unit, a contact cleaner of the AR Series to one side and one for both sides, also on the machine a cleaner, DM series, without contact has been installed.

DemoLine is equipped with a band guide, to ensure the correct positioning of the reel in process, and with an inspection camera, which tracks the effectiveness of cleaners at speed.

Upon request we receive rolls of material from those who want them to be tested, we program tests at the presence of the applicant and provide a final report with a summary of the results of tests.

A strongly desired service not only aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of ACE systems, but a tool to allow the ACE Customer to understand which is the better way to use our solutions and evaluate the results before investing in an ACE product.

DemoLine to build Your experience:

Test for dust and contaminants elimination systems with contact cleaners

Test for dust and contaminants elimination systems without contact cleaners

Test on the degree of elimination of electrostatic current from the supports being processed.

Functioning and effectiveness test of the ESA24V system

Ad hoc tests upon customer's request

Quality certification before delivery of the Products by ACE

Test of new technologies by the ACE Research and Development department