Even the patented ACE ESA 24V Direct Charging system is equipped at both the entrance and exit of each printing unit where the system is installed, of antistatic londual BB bars with DC-Pulse 24V technology. The high efficiency of these bars is the guarantee of total effectiveness in the elimination of any residual electrostatic charge in the substrate to be printed.

Immediately after the material has been freed from the static charge, in both DC50 and DC60 and DC24 versions of the ACE ESA Direct Charging system, is generated a homogeneous and intense electric field between the pressure roller and the printing cylinder. The electric field generated so far, ensures the polarization of the ink present in the engraved cells of the printing cylinder, which is then perfectly and completely transferred to the substrate to be printed, whether it is paper or film.

The ACE ESA 24V Direct Loading system is available in the version with or without isolation of the pressure roller bearings, in order to meet the needs of all the major manufacturers of rotogravure machines. Thanks to the 24V ACE technology, the safety within the printing unit is the greatest possible thanks to the elimination of high-voltage cables used in the older systems to connect the static unit and the antistatic bars.

ACE ESA24 V Direct Charging

The charging element is directly installed to the inner part of the pressure roller.

The charge is then transmitted to the outer semi-conductive surface. This ensures a specific ink polarization, which therefore is easily transferred to the substrate.

ACE can supply direct charging systems of the model DC50 that does not require isolation of the pressure roller, or alternatively the model DC60 which on the contrary requires the isolation of the pressure roller. At the entrance and exit of the printing unit, thanks to the use of two antistatic londual BB 24V bars, the substrate is then completely discharged from the accumulated residual charges.

Software Genius

ACE Genius, the most advanced ESA Managment system software today available on the market. Implemented by ACE on the Remote Control Panel ASC44T …

ACE DC24V . ESA Direct Charging Systems 24V “Patented”

ACE DC50 – ESA Direct Charging Systems with no need of isolated pressure roller.

ACE DC50 – ESA Direct Charging Systems with no need of isolated pressure roller.