Designed specifically for the removal of dust and scraps, the systems of the AK series are installed on flexo printing machines for sheets of corrugated cardboard.

The cleaning heads act on the side of the material which will subsequently be printed, with a combined action of turbulence created by air blown and sucked at high speed, an anti-static system with new 24V technology, and fixed or rotating brush for removing large-sized contaminants.

Together these actions provide unmatched cleaning efficiency on cardboard sheets, allowing the machines to perform at their best and obtaining products with perfect printing quality.

Specific mechanical and electronic devices are installed on the cleaning heads, in order to adjust their distance in an optimal way from the cardboard sheet, thus matching its variation in thickness

The correct combination between the suitable model of cleaning head with respect to the size of the sheet, and consequent proper filtering unit sized according to the type and the amount of dust to be eliminated, determine the ideal solution for any specific need.


Head cleaning with material anti-lock system

Combination of blown and sucked air at high efficiency

Fine dust removal

Internal brush for removing fibres and scraps

Antistatic bar with 24V technology

High performance at any production speed

Optimal printing quality on sheets of cardboard

1 Elimination of static charges through the BB-Iondual 24V bar

2 Handling of dust through air knives

3 Suction of contaminating particles

4 Fixed or rotating brushes

4. BB londual 24V stop static charges at the output

AK3000 & AK4000 – Cleaning Head for one side only and SBP91A2 Filtering Unit to remove any trace of dust on printing machines for corrugated cardboard