A very special thanks go to OMET, confirming once more the technological value of ACE web cleaners AR700 and AR750 Series, dedicated to labels printing machines.

Picture on the left shows the installation of AR700 one side cleaning, placed before printing units on the OMET Xjet showcased during the open house.

We’re proud of such cooperation, based also on the continuous research for technological improvement of the contact web cleaner AR700 and AR750. One of the most recent developments realized, consists in a pull-out assembly lodging both the rubber roller gathering the dust from the substrate and the adhesive coil, keeping the rubber roller clean. Picture at right.

This is a very important innovation. In fact, cleaning/replacing operations of the rubber roller, are made easier and fastest, thanks to the ergonomic positioning of the assembly.

Another option is the possibility to choose the web cleaner inclusive of drawing-in rollers, as part of the cleaner structure. Very useful in case of retrofitting, as to avoid the installation of additional rollers on the hosting machine. Last but as much important, AR700 and AR750 have been designed with reduced dimensions, thus allowing the installation on every labels printing machine.