Process Roto Offset Printing

The dust that comes from the unwinding of the reel often generates printing problems, in fact its accumulation and the effect of the dampening create little aggregation of dust that leave the imprint without colour on paper. To avoid this problem ACE has developed a Contact less web cleaning system able to remove all the dust before printing.

The dust, in the printing field, has a big impact on costs because it generates build up over the blankets, due to its mixture with the dampening. This implies the need of frequent blanket washing, with use of solvents and the generation of waste copies and the decrease of the net output copies. That’s why the application of a dust removal system is essential in this process.

In addition, with the use of antistatic bars along the path of conveyor belts after the folding machine delivery, jams of stackers due to the accumulation of electrostatic current in the signatures are avoided.

Finally, the positioning of an electrostatic blocking unit at bundles stackers delivery allows the stabilization of stacks of signatures and a trouble free strapping. Unstrapped signature can be easily and automatically palletized by means of a robot palletizer, when ACE electrostatic blocking unit is compacting the bundles after the stacker.

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