Good papers, bad papers, always the same aim: reaching top printing quality, reducing production costs.

ACE web cleaners have an important role for two essential reasons: huge capacity of removing fibers, whitening compounds and other contaminants, allow the broadening of paper range to use.

So far, ACE web cleaners are decisive in the costs reduction process to realizing a good printed product. Agglomerate dust absorbs the colour and, during the printing process, can detach from the paper web generating real holes in the printed image.

Furthermore, dust has great negative impact over service; building up inside printing units in fact, makes maintenance and cleaning operation more frequently needed.

ACE developed two technologies largely used by printing presses manufacturers and printers: Series AR Contact web cleaner, which thanks to the technology applied further to the great efficiency in dust removing, offers great ergonomics and safety.

Rubber and adhesive covered rollers assembly in fact, can easily be pulled out of the cleaner’s body, as to allow the comfortable removing of the used adhesive layer and the easiest maintenance of rubber covered rollers.

AR Series for one and two sides cleaning, is equipped with antistatic bars ACE Iondual 24V, one at cleaner entrance one at its exit, suitable for all the press on the market for traditional and cantilever installation, it can be automatically driven by the hosting press.

DM1000 is Contactless, blowing vacuuming web cleaner, to treat both the web sides at same time. System’s components are a cleaning head, crossed by the paper, which is never touched. Here dust is completely vacuumed away from the paper; the cleaning head is connected with its proper filtering unit.

This one isequipped with own fan to generate the air blade (blowing), and vacuum. In addition, an antistatic bar ACE Iondual 24V is installed at cleaning head entrance.

Inside the filtering unit takes place a large dimensions filtering bag, capable of holding back high quantity of dust.

DM1000 is an almost maintenance free system, suggested for all those applications where heavier quantity of dust are involved. DM1000 as well, is suitable to be installed on any kind of labels printing press.