Digital printing process is widening its panorama of use to so many media, though printing heads remain extremely sensitive to dust, which has a decisive impact both on costs and on printing quality.  ACE DM1000DG is the dust removal system with no contact on the substrate, specifically designed for applications on digital printing lines. A cleaning head, which takes place immediately after the unwinder and before the printing engine, and its proper filtering unit standing beside the cleaning head and connected to it, are the system’s components. Thanks to its effectiveness, the frequency of maintenance and servicing to printing heads will be long lasting; this is decisive in order to reduce heavy service costs.  Printer can benefit of two positive aspects, offered by the dust elimination performance of the system: printing quality increases thanks to reduced risk of printing heads nozzles blocking. Further to that, thanks to the great efficiency of ACE DM1000DG system, the use of lowest quality papers or recycled and therefore dustier, is no more a problem. DM1000DG is practically maintenance free, it can be wired and driven by the press hosting it.  Support frame on which the cleaning head is pre-mounted before delivery, allow the off the box positioning between the unwinder and the printing engine, with no mechanical installation required.